IDA is planned as a small Campus, housing groups of trainees, which are eligible to participate in bimonthly experimentation and internship program. Each of them will follow an individualised path that will focus on a unique theme: the program, always under the consultancy of IDA tutors, offers young designers the freedom to select either to have an active role in the development of an interior design project , or realising a product, depending on their specific talents, tendency. The trainees, can eventually choose to be more on the commercial side of a project, letting them to experience various phases of launching a new furniture range or collection.

The internship is an individual process, albeit takes place in a business context and in a small size of groups. That said, each trainee will be 'taken in' by a tutor with regard to the specific training path. The tutor will define a master plan on a monthly basis with the aim of maximising the output of the training program.

50 days of training program will roughly consist of:

a.    Lectures, 08 days
b.    Business Visits, 13 days
c.    Training on job, 10 days
d.    Project work, 19 days