Luxury Living Group is more than pleased to present the International Design Academy - IDA fifth edition.

The next IDA edition is running from the October to December 2016.

For the 2017 Edition Application shall be sent in English at the soonest or at the latest before the 31st of March 2017 to and to include the followings:

  • Letter of presentation with a short bio and motivation letter,
  • Link to a personal online portfolio (or a PDF),
  • Passport copy,
  • Copy of the degree/qualification and the date of earning.

Please be advised that application to IDA, which is completely free of charge and cost covered (with the exception of your traveling fee) is conditioned by the following requirements:

  • For European citizens: you must have a degree/qualification from no longer than one year,
  • For Non-European citizens: you must have a degree/qualification in Interior Design, Architecture or similar education.


At the end of the "on-the-job" training, participants who have shown greatest capacities and skills may be asked to start a collaboration with Luxury Living Group. As per, nine out of eleven young designers who attended the previous editions have started various level of collaboration with the Group.