IDA is a an initiative established in 2013 by Alberto Vignatelli, the founder and the CEO of Luxury Living Group, as a design academy thought for creative experimentation. The idea behind IDA is to give fee free mentorship and entrepreneurial connection to young designers that are eligible for an 8 week long course located at the headquarters of Luxury Living Group, Forli, Italy.

IDA’s mission is to identify talented and ambitious young people and help them become globally known in the design sector; provide them a chance to nurture their talents and encourage their growth by giving a chance to make on situ experience, connections, find opportunities in their field and rediscover themselves as artists.

As a corporate social responsibility, we believe that more designers should take the path of entrepreneurship and solve deep problems within companies. In our research we’ve found systemic issues including a lack of entrepreneurial design education, successful peers who serve as role models and capital resources. We also believe that companies can be more successful if design, engineering and business talent collaborate from the beginning. 

A leading organisation in the luxury lifestyle and furniture sector, Luxury Living Group is unique by developing, producing and distributing furniture collections for some of the world’s most celebrated brands. Exquisite craftsmanship along with innovative technology, use of the finest materials,a large variety of finishes and the limitless prospects offered by customising the pieces, meant that a loyal community of clients and partners was built up over the past 40 years all over the world.

Luxury Living’s brand portfolio is one of the largest in the furniture industry and continuously evolves. The presence of Fendi Casa, one of the world’s most admired luxury fashion brand, Trussardithe Greyhound fashion house, and Bentley, the definitive British luxury car company, crafting high performance grand tourers, give the portfolio a strong base, complemented by Heritage by Alberto Vignatelli in the high-end of the market. At Salone del Mobile 2016 Luxury LivingGroup has presented Bugatti HOme and Ritz Paris Home Collection, which enrich its offer. Bugatti Home, a collection of sophisticated and iconic style, represents the extraordinary and elegant lifestyle that has its roots in the artistic past of the Bugatti family and in the heritage of the historic automotive brand. Ritz Paris Home Collection states itself as the symbol of the elegance and luxury of the french art de vivreexpressed in the myth and dream that Ritz Paris recalls all over the world.

Today the Luxury Living Group owns and manages five different brands and operates in both the residential and contract segments with total consolidated revenues of 74M€. It has 300 worldwide dealers and partners and 10 directly owned shops and showrooms; they are located in some of the world’s most strategic cities such as Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Milan. The Group has bases closer to home, in The Palazzo Orsi Mangelli, a historic XVII Century building in the centre of Forlí, in Italy. Recently, a contract office is inaugurated in Beijing.  The Group employs over 240 people.